For the journey to gold medalist performance

Nordic Topline is Finnish equine complementary feed company, that stands for exceptional quality. It combines clean, effective and scientifically proven raw materials. Each ingredient is carefully chosen. We believe that equine athletes deserve the best ingredients to support their journey to gold medalist performance.

  • Customer feedback

    "I have always had though mares in one way or another, normally, if it's not a health issue I get along with them.

    This mare that I have now, even though she is really sweet and friendly - when ridden she is very temperamental and reactive, not alway in the nicest way.

    When Jenni suggested Focuzed I though exactly the same as I thought with every other product available in the market; it's not going to help.

    I gave it a try and the very next day this mare was as nice to ride as she is to handle, still super sensitive, but somehow more receptive to the riding aides."

    -Jose Bernardes, Show Jumping rider in Finland

  • Customer Feedback

    "I gave Focuzed in the morning feeds to my mare and saw a change in her behaviour the same day.

    For the first time in the warm up, she walked head down and relaxed.

    This should be a normal state for every horse, but not for this horse that is full of explosive energy and reacts everything that happens around her.

    I have been able to train with her better now that she is more calm in her head.

    Focuzed effectiveness is clear and I am very happy with the results."

    -Heidi Huurinainen, Dressage rider in Finland

  • Customer Feedback

    "I have been delighted with the results using the Nordic Topline Joint Elixir on my 18 year old former Grand Prix mare. She had been semi-retired and turned out full time due to an injury that didn't heal properly. I had been maintaining her on one of the best joint supplements on the UK market, one of the few with the scientifically proven results, however, her future looked like retirement. 

      I am always keen on top quality products and things that have been well thought out and backed by science, so I lept at the chance to test the Joint Elixir.

    Since switching my mare to the joint elixir, the change has been remarkable. Not only is she moving better than she has for a long time, she is so enthusiastic in her work that I am contemplating competing her again. 

     Even more surprisingly, the mare I have struggled to keep at weight for a decade has become an easy keeper, and I have had to cut her hardfeed this winter!    

    "If you are considering testing the product, you simply must. Rarely am I this impressed with a product..

    -Sarah Sjöholm-Patience, Dressage rider in UK