Customer feedback

Saara Karhu, Show Jumper  

C-Incantha has used Nordic Toplines Joint elixir now for 6 weeks and as before and after pictures shows, there is a remarkable change in the way the horse jumps.

The C-Incantha is extremely sensitive mare and responds very strongly to small tightening by moving rigidly and reluctantly.

"After starting the joint elixir, C-Incantha has begun to move more energetic and more balanced, the jumps are light and loose, and her performance and recovery have improved considerably."

C-Incantha is now in very good condition; happy to perform and don't get tired from hard training or competitions. The results speak for themselves; C-Incantha is ranked in all of the Springs competitions.



Sarah Sjöholm-Patience, GP Dressage Rider, United Kingdom

"I have been delighted with the results using the Nordic Topline Joint Elixir on my 18 year old former Grand Prix mare. She had been semi-retired and turned out full time due to an injury that didn't heal properly. I had been maintaining her on one of the best joint supplements on the UK market, one of the few with the scientifically proven results, however, her future looked like retirement. 

  I am always keen on top quality products and things that have been well thought out and backed by science, so I lept at the chance to test the Joint Elixir.

Since switching my mare to the joint elixir, the change has been remarkable. Not only is she moving better than she has for a long time, she is so enthusiastic in her work that I am contemplating competing her again. 

 Even more surprisingly, the mare I have struggled to keep at weight for a decade has become an easy keeper, and I have had to cut her hardfeed this winter!    

"If you are considering testing the product, you simply must. Rarely am I this impressed with a product..

-Sarah Sjöholm-Patience 


Tuulia Luomala, Animal Physiotherapist 

In the summer of 2018, my own bred finn horse, Hennan Humina, got an injury on the left front leg, while in the hottest competion season. The rehabilitation process took for half a year and the Nordic Toplines Joint Elixir was a part of rehabilitation process. 

With Humina, regular walking, progressive training, and treatments supported recovery and maintained the performance during the rehabilitation period.

In this season, Humina has participated in dressage competitions several times ridden and trained by Karoliina Kovanen. The goal is to achieve a qualification in the Finnish horses championships.

The joint Elixir has helped Humina a lot, her body has felt elastic and the performance level of this hot and eager mare is back as it used to be.

-Tuulia Luomala, animal physiotherapist


Karoliina Kovanen, Professional rider


I've been using Nordic Toplines Joint Elixir now for about a month for four of my competition horses, and the results are starting to show up.

One of my horses has a very limited diet due to several allergies and shivering. In the past, the horse has needed a long-lasting warm-up by being very stiff at the beginning. It now moves much better and last weekend made a very good 130 track with clean performance and got a ranking.

All of my horses flexibility and recovery has improved considerably. My trotting race horse Ami has begun to run more streamlined and enthusiastic over the last couple of weeks.

I look forward to the upcoming trotting race of my horse, it just erupts with energy even there is no changes in his feeding.

I am really positive about the Joint Elixir and the up coming competition season in the summer. :) My horse's sight this year includes Finnderby, 140 classes in show jumping and advanced classes in dressage. I believe that the co-operation with the Nordic Topline product will indeed help us on this journey, and I will now make it part of the feeding program of all of my competition horses.

See you at the competitions!


Jani Alanen, equine massage therapist, professional horse trainer


7-year-old gelding Oxhouse Forty-Four. Trotting horse with a career of 18 starts 3 wins 2 second places and 3 third places.

"The horse was diagnosed 22.1.2019 by approx. 30% of the suspensory ligament injury from the left hind leg. Location at the top of suspensory ligament. PRP treatment was immediately performed after the diagnose.

After treatment, the horse had to be in rest for about a week, after which an active rehabilitation was initiated. The horse has been ridden in the school and in the snow by starting slowly for the first 3 weeks.

After that, in the program was included training in the trotting track of 1-2 per week. The training has been a brisk jogging of 6-8km. The horse has the opportunity to go in to a large paddock, where he moves a lot on his own the whole day. 

We will follow this program for the next month and after that we have a first control of ultrasound that is performed on the injury. This ultrasound result controls the future of the rehabilitation program.

Nordic Toplines Joint Elixir was taken 24th January to support the rehabilitation. The horse has received  Joint Elixir once a day (2 tablespoons) mixed with evening feeds.

"Two big things has happened since the week's use. The Horse's energy level has risen positively. Energy does not mean "spookiness", but the horse is sharper and balanced to perform exercises in rehabilitation. Another big thing is the horse's suppleness. The horse is a little heavy from structure for the trotting horse and was stiff to bend before, this thing has improved considerably."

I was able to see the biggest improvement when the horse was first time driven on the track. Normally, the horse needs 3-4 kilometer long rounds for warming up to supple, and now even though it is winter after the second round, the horse's range of motion were extensive.

The aim with the horse is to be able to train it fully and in early autumn start the racing in full time "

-Jani Alanen, professional special lecturer (Sports masseur/horse masseur), Trotting race horse trainer


Emmi Mäkitalo, Dressage Rider

Fani is an 18-year-old half-blood gelding who I compete in medium and advanced levels in dressage. With Fani, we have had health problems over the years, so our training and competing periods have so far been varying. Last fall, t Fani was diagnosed with arthritis in hocks in both hind legs, which have been treated in the clinic and the pain symptoms of the horse has got under control. I started the use of Nordic Toplines Joint Elixir to support the treatments made in the clinic.

Due to Fanis history with gastric ulcer, Fani has got symptoms from some joint supplements before, but showed no irritation from this supplement. Although the product smells quite strong from the jar, it seems to taste very well for Fani. Immediately after a few weeks of use, I noticed that the horse is more enthusiastic than before, but without collecting unnecessary spookiness. In the past Fani has been a bit of slow in the beginning of the training, but after starting to feed the Joint Elixir, its warming up time has clearly shortened and the horse is sharper in training. After a month of use, the horses movements also began to show "New springs", meaning that the horse's movement and pace have also been clearly improved. Something about its state of health also says that so far (August 2019) I have been given the first full training period without any unnecessary breaks and the results have been rising, although there is still a lot of work with him.

Fani turns to 19 years old at the turn of the year, but the age is not yet visible and does not feel like it. Nordic Toplines Joint elixir has come to stay in our lives so that I can keep my best friend as long as possible in training and well! Thanks to Jenni and Nordic Topline, finally we have found a working supplement product!
The picture was taken in June 2019, when we started in Åminne Arena in Haliko with an advanced test result of 63.25%.
Emmi & Fani