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Joint Elixir - Supportive health

Joint Elixir is a complementary feed for older horses, which has been developed to support the health of joints, muscles, fascia, bones, ligaments and cartilage. 

Joint Elixir works well for older horses and horses who needs support for joint health or as part of recovery. 

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In Joint Elixir we have used the highest quality and scientifically proven PETAGILE® collagen peptide from Germany.

Collagen peptides stimulate the body's own collagen production and support the metabolism of cartilages.

In addition, it is combined with optiMSM® which the body uses as part of collagen production. Organic Ginger, organic spirulina, Longvida® curcumine, organic Finnish chaga extract and organic Finnish blueberry extract are the source of antioxidants in concentrated forms.

How to use?

Start using the product for the first two weeks with a medium dose and continue with maintenance dose.

In heavy training you can increase the dose to a strong dose, when extra support is needed.

Contains 33 doses (in maintenance dose for 500kg horse)

Contains ginger 

Measurement spoon: 18g

Start the first two weeks with a strong dose and continue with the medium until the symptoms are reduced, allowing you to go to the maintenance dose.

In mild cases or in maintenance use, start with the first two weeks at a moderate dose, followed by a maintenance dosing regimen.

Weight 300kg or less
High dosage: 35g
Medium dosage: 21g
Maintenance dosage: 14g

Weight 300-600kg
High dosage: 70g
Medium dosage: 35g
Maintenance dosage: 21g

Weight over 600kg
High dosage: 77g
Medium dosage: 42g
Maintenance dosage: 28g

The pack size of 700g lasts for 33 days at a maintenance dose for 500kg horse.

Measurement spoon size is 18g

Amount of PETAGILE®: per 35g 25 000mg

Amount of Longvida® curcumine: per 35g 1000mg 


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