Nordic Topline is Finnish equine complementary feed company, that stands for exceptional quality. It combines clean, effective and scientifically proven raw materials. Each ingredient is carefully chosen. We believe that equine athletes deserve the best ingredients to support their journey to gold medalist performance.


How the company begun?

Hello, I am Jenni, founder of Nordic Topline

My passion for animals started when I was a kid. We forged a connection through understanding and trust, and I feel blessed to learn this early in my life. Maintaining a horse often means relying on help, and I learned that this is as much a blessing as a curse. This is my story of giving back. 

Polka is a Trakehner mare whom I have had since a teenager. It all started when I had to move abroad with Polka, and I found her a new yard. When the fall came and there wasn’t much to eat on the field, she started losing weight from being underfed. Due losing all the supportive muscles she became lame and was seen by one of the best vets in the area and her left hind leg hock and fetlock was injected. I moved her to another yard - where she had ad-lib hay and gained weight- the damage was already done and her future looked like retirement. 

As a nutritionist I wanted to put my brain in work and see if I could do something about it. 

In my search for supplements I learned that much of the equine products out there today are not clear about their ingredient certification and source. After searching many different products I decided to design one by myself.

I ended up mixing the final product from Finland’s best, certified and branded ingredients that can be traced back to the origin, and later, that became the recipe of Nordic Topline’s Joint Elixir.

After two months of feeding the supplement I tried schooling Polka and she was moving sound and happy. I had tears of happiness falling down and I realized I must get this product for other horse owners too. I gathered a team around me and that was the beginning of Finnish Nordic Topline. 

Before the product launch I wanted to make sure the product actually worked for other horses too and gave the supplement mix for other professionals in testing trials; there were professional riders, animal physiotherapists, equine massage therapist and equine chiropractors who tested the product with their own horses - and they all got results and wanted to continue feeding it. 


So here you have it, a best-of-the-best ingredient supplement of Finnish origin, with traceable and branded ingredients, having gone through rigorous clinical trials. So whenever you choose Nordic Topline, you choose the top quality.