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Nordic Topline



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Focuzed - Northern Magic for Performance horses

Do you wish your horse would behave like an angel in training and competitions, without losing the edge needed in the competition arena? 

Focuzed is made for competition horses to promote mental focus in stressful environments.

The Feeling of Harmony...

Everybody knows that feeling when your horse is with you, doing its best while you both concentrate effortlessly. That’s the feeling in every great performance. The relaxed harmony when you both read each other's mind. Focuzed is created to support you to achieve that feeling of harmony with your beloved horse.



Magnesium carbonate

KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract

Bacopa Monnieri


9,5 g in maintenance use

19 g when extra support is needed


40 daily dose in maintenance use


Clean sport:

We follow FEI guidelines and don’t use any prohibited substances 


Made in Finland



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