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Collagen Pro 

for the Journey to Gold medalist Performance

Do you wish to support the active lifestyle of your beloved horse and give him the best chance towards gold medalist performance? 


Collagen Pro is part of a new range of high-performing equine complementary feed series, that isn’t just marketing sentences promising the moon from the sky. It is packed with traceable and laboratory tested natural ingredients, that has been scientifically proven for horses. 

Your horse recover better thanks to the high concentration of antioxidants, that supports the recovery from heavy training.

Your horse will feel better thanks to the ingredients that fight against joint discomfort and inflammation, cartilage breakdown and lost mobility.

Traceable and laboratory tested natural ingredients, that has been scientifically proven for horses. 

Collagen pro works two ways. Most products target only the inflammation, but Collagen Pro goes beyond. In addition to fighting the inflammation, it addresses the problem at the roots by therapeutically supporting the joints, cartilages, tendons, ligaments, muscles - the whole connective tissue.


Happy customers

What our customers say… 

Axel Lindberg

International eventing rider from Finland

"Eventing is a tough sport and for that reason I have chosen Nordic Topline's Collagen Pro to support my horses performance. 

I am very happy with the results. The horse that becomes easily stiff in riding feels elastic and supple already in the beginning of the warm up!" 

Jani Alanen

professional special lecturer (Sports masseur/horse masseur), Trotting race horse trainer in Finland

World-renowned trotting horse trainer, Jani Alanen, thought he would never get a heavy structured trotting horse to supple. He tried just about every type of joint and collagen product on the market, but nothing worked.

Then Jani started using Collagen Pro, and suddenly he started to see results. Here is what happened since the week's use.

1. The horse’s energy level has risen positively. Energy does not mean “spookiness”, but the horse is sharper and balanced to perform exercises in rehabilitation.
2. The horse’s suppleness improved. The horse is a little heavy from the structure for the trotting horse and was stiff to bend before. Collagen Pro has improved this considerably.

Here it is Jani Alanen own words:
“I was able to see the biggest improvement when the horse was first time driven on the track. Normally, the horse needs 3-4 kilometer long rounds for warming up to supple, and now even though it is winter after the second round, the horse's range of motion was extensive. The aim with the horse is to be able to train it fully and in early autumn start the racing in full time "

Tara Brown

Tara Brown, Finnish Dressage rider based in UK, training at Kyra Kyrklund’s yard

“Lady has been powered by the Nordic Topline Collagen Supplement for the past couple of months now and the results have been outstanding.

She has so much more power and elasticity in her movement and feels softer and more supple to ride overall. A product compiled from organic, certified, natural and from Finnish nature (some of the cleanest nature in the world!) means that Lady, a hard-working and competitive dressage horse, is able to perform at her best, feel comfortable and enthusiastic in her work no matter the level or intensity and recover from exercise and competitions considerably quicker.

This really is an incredible product of exceptional quality from such a phenomenal company, that I’m very proud and grateful to be working with, I can genuinely say that when you choose Nordic Topline, you choose the TOP quality. 

Get ahead of the competition

More concentrated version and FEI approved 

Collagen Pro is a more concentrated version from the known Joint Elixir with FEI approved ingredients made particularly for competition horses. We’ve got an enormous amount of wishes for this and we wanted to make it happen. So here you have it, a joint health supporting complementary feed for professional use. 45 daily doses for an average 500kg horse. 

Do you ever wonder about the quality of the ingredients in your equine supplement? 

We stand for exceptional quality in raw materials. Each ingredient is carefully chosen and either organic, finnish origin or branded. We believe that equine athletes deserve the best ingredients to support their journey to gold medalist performance.

In order to use branded ingredients it means you have to have a scientifically proven amount of active ingredients in the dose. So whenever you follow feeding instructions in our products you feed the amount that is scientifically proven to work for horses.

So here you have it, a best-of-the-best ingredient supplement of Finnish origin, with traceable and branded ingredients, having gone through rigorous clinical trials. So whenever you choose Nordic Topline, you choose the top quality. 

“Jenni did something that no one did before, changed my mind about supplements in horse food, I have been riding professionally 24-years and this was the first time I felt something straight up.”

-Jose Bernardes, GP Show jumping rider 

Based on all that, I’m 99% certain this will work for you too.
But you know what?

There is absolutely no risk to giving it a try. That’s because Collagen Pro is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

If it doesn’t work, you get a refund with no questions asked.
Fair enough?


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